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I think he just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t still in love with him,” Christina explains.“I let him know that wasn’t the case, we moved forward.”“Cee Lo is going to meet Willie for the first time this weekend,” Christina reveals.“People used to tell me all the time, other women who were married to celebrities, ‘You’ll just know when you know.’ Cause I’m like, ‘Gosh, when am I ever going to move forward and get over ‘Lo? I meet people but this isn’t it.’ And they’re always like, ‘You’ll know when you know.’”“So with Willie, I just kind of knew. I can be 100% of who I am around him.’ I could just be Christina and I wanted that,” she shares with VH1. We support each other in everything.”Among Willie’s positives is that he gets along great with Christina and Cee Lo’s two children – and he’s also great with her famous ex-husband – which is one of the many things Christina adores about her new man.“You don’t want to have to be faking it with anybody or making yourself out to be something that you’re not. “I think that’s one of the other reasons that I kind of knew Willie was the one – because he wasn’t threatened by it. We’re very open and honest with each other and everything.Green remains on probation after pleading no contest last August to slipping ecstasy to a woman in 2012.

Moreover, "no one was unconscious," one individual says of whatever went down.As previously reported, a woman claims the singer drugged her with ecstasy at one point during a night out with him in Los Angeles and all she remembers after the incident is waking up naked in bed alongside Green.Cee Lo has denied the charges, which include his recorded admission to the self-proclaimed victim that he did, indeed, put something in her drink.So well that it’s sometimes as if they never broke up! Christina is now dating Willie Wallace, whom she met through Sheree Buchanan, and says that Willie not only respects the relationship she has with her ex, but everyone gets along great and she is completely over being Mrs. She also discusses the Tameka Raymond issue and if she feels Atlanta Exes accurately portrayed her and her life.Christina also reveals she is launching a makeup line called Butterfly EFX with “It feels like it’s been forever,” Christina gushes about finding true love Willie.

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“He often becomes emotional when reporting the ‘plights’ of the vets we often discuss when his community services hours are completed,” she wrote.

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