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It is built into the MP4 multimedia file format as an encrypted AAC audio layer, and is used by the company to protect copyrighted works sold through i Tunes Store, allowing only authorized devices to play the content.

The restrictions imposed by Fair Play, mainly limited device compatibility, have sparked criticism, with a lawsuit alleging antitrust violation that was eventually closed in Apple's favor, and various successful efforts to remove the DRM protection from files, with Apple continually updating its software to counteract such projects.

In February 2007, an open letter by Steve Jobs, Apple's then-CEO, discussed the use of DRM on music, raising points about the future of the protection and announcing the company's support for ending the use of DRM.

Although the open letter initially caused mixed industry reactions, Apple signed a deal with a major record label the following month to offer i Tunes customers a purchase option for a higher-quality, DRM-free version of the label's tracks.

Upon attempting to play a file, the master key stored within the file is then matched to the user key, and if successful, allows playing.

In January 2005, an i Tunes customer filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company broke antitrust laws by using Fair Play with i Tunes in a way that purchased music would work only with the company's own music player, the i Pod, freezing out competitors.

Don't break my i Pod", encouraging i Pod users to sign up to support Real's action.

Additionally, the possibility that Apple could change its technology to purposefully "break" Harmony's function raised the possibility that Real's business could be harmed.In October 2006, Jon Johansen announced he had reverse engineered Fair Play and would start to license the technology to companies wanting their media to play on Apple's devices.In July 2004, Real Networks introduced its Harmony technology.i Tunes is a media player and organizer software for Windows platform from Apple that allows tight integration with the i Pod players.In i Tunes, organizing playlists and media libraries is made extremely easy and the software also allows extremely easy CD ripping options, exporting selected media files to i Pod and CDR burning features, all built-in.

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