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But many in the media apparently didn’t want anyone to pay too much attention to this.“For Sanders supporters, the lawsuit provides an opportunity for vindication for being cheated and attacked by the Democratic establishment,” Observer reporter Michael Sainato wrote.Just another commodity being pushed by the corporate machine.I will never be cool.(On the other hand, part of this post was written while connected via wireless in the waiting room of my local auto shop, where I am getting a flat tire fixed. Not the flat, but having wireless in the auto shop.)Okay, I suppose there is no official "conservative platform" that people get together and vote on.reports: They represent three classes of plaintiffs: donors to the DNC, donors to the Bernie Sanders campaign, and all registered Democrats — and they want their money back.

An article published Saturday on the liberal progressive website Salon notes that the mainstream media “almost completely blacked out coverage of this lawsuit.” A writer for the Observer wrote on Monday: “In large part, the mainstream media [have] not covered the lawsuit in the six months between the court’s initial hearings in October 2016 to its latest hearing on April 25, 2017.” The revelation that the Democratic Party is fine with rigging elections, and has no qualms about lying to its members and pretending to be neutral, is certainly interesting news.Vogler (Independent)Benjamin Crause (Nintendo of Europe)Benjamin Kutcher (Intel Corporation)Benjamin Myrie (Independent)Benjamin Ryalls (Side)Benjamin Strobel (Daily D-Pad)Benn Powell (Independent)Bennett Foddy (Independent)Berkley Staite (Independent)Bernard Yee (Independent)Bernd Kilga (Phalanx Gmb H)Bernd Lehahn (EGOSOFT)Bernhard Mies (Woodland Barbarians)Bernhard Schulenburg (Independent)Beth Carter (Independent)Betsy Nagler (Rustle Works)Bilgin Sahin (Ra Coon Games)Bill Crosbie (Raritan Valley CC, Rutgers University)Bill De Voe (Independent)Bill Kladis (imbue FX Inc.)Bill Mauer (Independent)Billy Wimblett (Lionhead Studios)Bjarni Jensen (Independent)Björn Åkerblom (Ubisoft Massive)Bjørnar Frøyse (Krillbite Studio)Blain Howard (Microsoft)Blair Gaddis (Independent)Blair Herter (Midnight Oil)Blyth Ellsworth (Independent)Bob Morate (Ubisoft Blue Byte)Bob Summerwill (Roadhouse Interactive, Kitsilano Games)Bobbi Augustine Sand (Ozma Games)Borja Nafria (Independent)Brad Fotsch (Funomena)Brad Johnson (Be-Rad Entertainment)Brad Marr (Independent)Brandon Kidwell (C. Berry (Lucid Games)Colin Macdonald (Channel 4 Television)Colin Polonowski (The Digital Fix)Colin Walsh (Celsius Game Studios)Colin Weick (Capy)Connor Mayer (Demon Ware)Conor Mc Ginnis (Full Sail University)Conrad Zimmerman (Sup Holmes)Constance Griffith (Carbine Studios)Constantin Best (University of Mainz)Constantin Graf (Rebusmind)Corey Cole (Transolar Games)Corey Garnett (Independent)Corey May (Ubisoft)Corey Milne (Independent)Corey Nolan (Independent)Cormac Mulhall (Demonware)Cory Barlog (Santa Monica Studio)Cory Lanham (Independent)Craig Brown (Independent)Craig Burkey (Independent)Craig Charlton (Orange Tree)Craig D.Adams (Superbrothers)Craig Harris (Independent)Craig Lupienski (TV and Lust)Craig Spiers (Just Add Water)Craig Thomas (Independent)Craig Thompson (Xbox Fanboys UK)Craig Timpany (Mostly Tigerproof)Cristian Cornea (Ubisoft Bucharest)Cristian Soulos (Spry Fox)Cuauhtemoc Moreno (Villa Vanilla)Curial Lloses (Independent)Cédric Courcelles (Independent)D.Peyroux sounds like a young Billie Holliday (sometimes too much so, but okay, you could pick worse role models), with just the hint of a French accent.Simply but jazzy arrangements of clever songs, sung with a sly inflection.

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