Red flags in dating men

Exit Strategy: Make yourself the worst potential father figure imaginable.Start using words like brat and hellion whenever you see anyone under 10.She's just a "friend with benefits" until she discovers her ticking biological clock.Red Flags: You catch her glancing in the windows of children's-clothing stores and lovingly ogling babies with that misty look in her eyes, all the while maintaining her book of favorite baby names.

Two or more, however, and you have a definite problem on your hands. Red Flags: If she orders weird drinks, looks uncomfortable at the bar, or spends most of her time hiding behind her purse on the stool, you've got a girl who can't wait to give up the nightlife.It is not a pissing contest to match her down for down even though misery loves company.Women look for someone who will comfort them, not compete with them."-Rix Bits11.Printouts from Dating logged women's complaints about him. Follow the story here or listen on i Phone or Android.That hot blonde you've been casually kicking it with (and doing) may be the girl of your dreams - or she could be a nightmare just waiting to rear her ugly, horned head. We've gathered all the clues you need to calculate whether you're hooking up with Miss Right or Miss Holy Shit!

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