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Theorists have since concluded, however, that when quantum mechanical fluctuations are taken into account, inflation in different regions of space would end at different times.The result is that a bubble or pocket of space that has stopped inflating will be surrounded by a region of space that is still expanding at a much faster rate.“I do experimental physics not GOD.” There is a tendency to intuitively think of particles as being like little round marbles.In modern physics, however, the reality is more complicated.Some evolutionists believe that the multiverse of inflation theory can explain this fine-tuning apart from a Creator, but this argument is seriously flawed.The discovery of the Higgs boson is a triumph for modern theoretical physics.The inflaton is still hypothetical, but Big Bang cosmologists are convinced that, given the chaotic conditions they believe prevailed in the early universe, inflation-driving scalar fields would have been present in at least some regions of space.In older inflation models, inflation occurred shortly after the Big Bang and lasted for a very brief time.

Moreover, a major media outlet acknowledged the lack of direct evidence for this hypothetical high-temperature transition in the Higgs field, despite the general pro-evolution bias of the popular press.Moreover, this process never ends—once inflation starts, it continues forever in the bulk of space.In such a view, it is only of the Big Bang, and this is likely why Kaku suggested that a Higgs-like particle (or more precisely, a Higgs-like scalar field) was the “spark” for the Big Bang. Although some theoretical physicists might attempt to argue that the Higgs field is the inflaton, others have rejected this idea for technical reasons.Reuters ran a story containing a statement that the Higgs field “attracted the flying debris of the big bang and turned it into stars, planets and galaxies.” This statement (perhaps unintentionally) gives the erroneous impression that the Higgs field can explain star and galaxy formation within the evolutionary model.Yes, in the Standard Model, particles have mass due to their interaction with the Higgs field, and evolutionists believe that gravitational interactions between massive particles ultimately resulted in the formation of stars and galaxies.

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