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By now he had both hands on the back of my head and he was humping up as I sucked him.

Eddie was getting very agressive as he fucked his big hot cock in and out of my mouth.

She was moaning and had a look of pure lust as she fucked back at my uncles cock.

About that time, my brother saw me and tried to cover himself. I told him about the weather but all the while I was watching my mom and uncle fucking.

I was trying to taste it but it was cumming so fast that it just went down my throat.

When I got home, I went upstairs and I heard my moms voice coming from her bedroom so I just walked in the partially open door.

I always wondered why my mom and dad had brown hair and so do I but my brother Eddie has red hair like my uncle Ed (moms brother) so I guess its hereditary.

My brother works for our uncle at his print shop so I don't see him much anymore because we have our own rooms.

I was turned on to say the least and then it dawned on me that my uncle Ed was my brothers dad.

I told my brother "you look just like uncle Ed and if he fucks our mom then he's probably your dad". I said "look at his big cock and balls, they look just like yours, and your both red haired and your pubic hair look the same".

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